A modern-Day scifi shorT

The Grantville Gazette, 82

“One of the finest stories we have ever published. “Sh/ft,” by JD Jordan is a terrific exploration of Hopi myth, Hopi reality, and a young woman trapped between the two. It is a sure nominee for Best of the Gazette 2019 next year, and if enough people like it, a worthy nominee for the Nebulas, Hugos, and Dragon awards.”
— Walt Boyes, editor, The Grantville Gazette

Award-Winning short

Hope Under My Fingernails
Creative Loafing

“Our first-place winner, “Hope Under My Fingernails” by J.D. Jordan, not only rhapsodizes on the textural allure of dirt and its unsung sibling, mud, but it plays with the spiritual concepts of mankind’s origins in clay.”
— Suzanne Van Atten, associate editor, Creative Loafing Atlanta